Special Announcements

  • We have decided to move all meetings to a single location (Icons Martini in Rock Island), effective immediately
  • We are planning to purchase a larger pop-up screen to go with our new projector and better fit our meeting location and needs. If possible, please think about bringing a monetary donation to to the next meeting
  • Our December meeting will be a fun night and potluck - more details to follow!

Holiday Party!

The QCLUG has a regular meeting on the second Wednesday each month which is open to the public.

We also have a board meeting every third Wednesday which is open to the public as well so please join us for both meetings if you want to help grow the QCLUG!

December QCLUG Meeting:
Location: Icons Martini Bar, Rock Island
Date: Wednesday 12/9/2015
Time: 6:30PM

December Board Meeting:
Location:  Old Chicago - Davenport
Date: Wednesday 12/16/2015
Time: 5:30PM

Holiday Party Details
  • Please try to attend the party if you can so we can have a decent turnout - guests (and newcomers) are more than welcome as we won't get technical
  • Potlock - plan on eating a lot of food, we'll send out a mailing list thread to help coordinate who is planning to bring what dishes so we don't end up with all PB&J sandwiches
  • We will be breaking out a few adult themed board games (Urban Dictionary The Game, Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity) - be ready for some shenanigans!
  • We might bust out some Linux Trivia
  • The main activity will be a White Penguin Gift Exchange
    • Dig through your closet and find some kind of FUNNY tech gadget or gift to exchange and wrap it up. Don't buy anything new - the point is to re-gift something you already own. Old junk can be good for a laugh too if someone gets stuck with a 90lb server or an 8088.
    • Everyone will get a number and we'll draw a gifts in sequence with the ability to 'steal' if a person before you has something cool that you can't live without.
    • We'll have a few extra gifts for guests - so help us by bringing more than one if you can't decide what to give because you have so much awesomeness in your basement that you don't use any more.
Upcoming Topics
  • Computer Security - Special Guest Speaker
    • Our October meeting topic about Kali Linux 2.0 went pretty well and we'd like to continue the conversation by diving deeper into some more of the tools
    • We'll also look at some professional gear that can be acquired for security purposes
    • Penetration testing, ethical hacking, general computer security conversations

    2016 Meeting Schedule

    • January 13th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • February 10th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • March 9th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • April 13th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • May 11th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • June 8th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • July 13th 2016  – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • August 10th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • September 14th 2016  – Wednesday –
      Icons Rock Island
    • October 12th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • November 9th 2016  – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island
    • December 14th 2016 – Wednesday – Icons Rock Island


    Special Notice
    We have decided to move all meetings to a single location!

    - Icons in Rock Island

    For directions, see Where We Meet


    The meetings start at 6:30 pm and end around 8:00- 8:30 pm depending on the presentation and topic discussions. 

    We often hold an optional pre-meeting dinner for anyone interested - watch the mailing list for details each month.


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